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2014-2015 Donors

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updated 11-19-14   * includes matching funds
** donation increase

Gold $5000 and above

*Sonia and Biju Andrews

*Carolyn and James Hopkin

  *Millham Family

Silver $2500 and above

Carolyn Clements

Kim and Steve Cohen

*Clay Deanhardt and Sandra Milan

 Nancy and Phil Estes

*Bart and Heather Grenning


*Paige and Kevin Guidotti

*Marty Johnson and Jenny Wodinsky

 Chris and Marie Legallet

 Vivek and Yvette Subramanian

 Ricky and Catherina Watters

Bronze $1500 and above

Larry and Julie Abramson

The Aslam Family

Dolly Bahrami and Evan Morganstein

Ben and Maggie Barber

Walker and Anita Bardsley

*Mark and Vanessa Bell

Todd and Amy Berryhill

*Christine and Keith Beury

Tamara and Brian Bohlig

Christine and Tom Camp

Tina Chou and Steven Harrison

Karen and Michael Devlin

Dolan Family

Steve Draeger and Failin Au

Kyu and George Doran

Sheila and Scott Eversole

*Meg and Jim Foley

Neil and Bekki Gilbert

Kevin and Tracy Gong

*CarrieLyn and Glen Guymon

*Adam and Carmen Hall

Jonathan and Alyssa Harris

Jens and Carrie Hillen


Tammy and Michael Hoeffel

Julie and Paul Hollerbach

*Kelly and Richard Hurrey

*Kevin and Kathryn Ishizu

David and Monique Jasper

Michael Kreutzelman and Barbara Boster

Sally & Greig Lagomarsino

Eleanor Lee and Craig Sato

Dane and Robyn Lewis

Whitney and Michael Marken

Ellie and Brendan McAninch

Sean and Jeanette McCarthy

John and Tracey Millham

Sara and Mark Nelson

Rick Nelson and Sharon Murphy

Alissa and Dean Orr

Lisa and Myra Ozaeta

Lesley and Marc Patten

*Mark & Shauna Simmonds

Tara and Derek Sylvester

*Eric and Amber Thompson

Stephaney and Matt Tunney

The Winter Family

Dennis and Shirley Wong

Bulldog Boosters $1000 and above

Maria Arroyo

Steve and Marcella Austenfeld

*Paul Barbir

Stephanie and Scott Barmmer

Mindy and Rob Becker

*Steve and Claire Berg

George and Lauren Biancardi

Chris and Heather Biles

Lisa Bliss

Brawner Schafer Family

Maureen and Tris Brown

Kasey Byrne and Dan Bronfman

Tom and Mary Beth Carter

Karen and Eduardo Cervantes

Sue and Mitch Cohen

Cathryn and John Coons

Paul and Stacy Crinks

Damian and Merica Fink

Peter and Denice Gant

Andy and Margie Gill

Lisa Hales and James Lewis

*Vanessa and Kevin Hardenbrook

Jeff and Jenny Hawkins

Sandra and Tom Holland

Linda and Irfan Jaffery

Hartwell and Susan Jordan

Jack Kelly and Rina Wallach

Julie Killbourn and BlueJay Feldman

*Meg and Jim Foley

Jim Kelsey and Megan Rundel

Linda and David Kornguth

Pieter and Melinda Lagaay

Andy and Lisa LaVelle

Chris and Carrolyn Leary

Andrew Lee and Sherry Liao

Robert and Jeanette Lipp


McDonald Family

Jim and Kathy McFeely

McGrath Family

*Emilie and Jason Medal-Katz

Sean and Ilene Moore

*Neff Family

David and Yosh Neugebauer

Annette Parent and Carl Nibley

Lisa and Sean O'Connor

*Benjamin and Susan Persin

Tracy and Okorie Ramsey

Eliza Randolph

Rochios Family

Phoebe Sackett

*Arona Ragins and Marc DaRosa

Kristin and Kyle Rhodes

*Limor Rozmarin

*Brandt Severson

Lynn Royer and Bruce Saldinger

Sanchez family

Amy Schioldager

Altie and Mia Schmitt

Jenny and Paul Staelin

Elena and Craig Straub

*Swanson Family

*Janet and Ken Tarkoff

Kathy and Dan Ting

Kate and Anthony Trani

Wendy Waggener and Greg Schmidt

Rod Welch and Lisa Hamasaki

Matt and Debbie Westover

Kirsten and Derek Whipple

Nadine and Michael Whisnant

The Winter Family

Nicky and Mahboud Zabetian

Bulldog Backers $650 and above

Diane and Louis Acevedo

Russell and Marci Adams

Greg and Rebecca Ahearn

Verda Alexander and Primo Orpilla

Seanna and Jeff Allen

Robin and David Alvarado

Roseanne Alzagha

Angsupanich Family


Ansel Family

Stephanie and Patrik Argast

Marcella and Tarek Azzani

Erin and Peter Bakonyvari

Linda and Nimma Bakshi

Allison and Hossein Banisadr

Carol Ann and Tom Barber

Tricia and John Barnes

Andy and Su Barrons

Kevin and Lucy Barry

Brent and Jennifer Bates

Chris and Esther Becker

Thomas Beer

Kathryn and Michael Bell

Andra and Steve Berkman

David and Renee Bertenthal

Billie-Jean and Mark Bertoli

Heather and Guy Blanchard

Bill and Sunny Bliss

Bohm Family

Mimi and Guy Bommarito

Wendy and Herman Bond

Rob and Robyn Bowen

Chris and Shannon Bradley

Gina and Darren Brewster

John and Nancy Breznikar

Cathy Brotman

Randy and Shelli Brudzinski

Carolyn and Kevin Bruen

Pernille and Mikkel Hippe Brun

Burch Family

Monica and Dean Burnick

Renee Cacioppo

Stacy Campos

Darren and Rebecca Carrington

Angela Castrillo and Mike Aparicio

Maliika and Joe Chambers

Jason and Courtney Chandler

David and Chiho Cheng

Jacquie and Ken Childers

Kevin and Kimberley Coleman

The Crowe Family

Mike and Sara Curran

*Paul and Lisa daPaschilis

Dashiell Family

Lori and Damian Davis

David and Dorothy Dreessen

Darya Druch and Opher Peled

Michele and Dr. James Duffy

Scott and Anne Marie Duncan

Marcine Dunne

Jeanette and Brian Durand

Eckart Family

Catherine and David Eckert

Elias Family

Kirsten and Chuck Engs

Connie and Juzer Essabhoy

Stephanie and Linus Eukel

Finola and Rob Fellner

Kelly and Greg Fernbacher

Joyce and Grant Fine

Fishlow Family

Jessica and Michael Fordyce

Jane and Dwight Foster

Mark and Lauren French

David and Mary Friese

Ron and Paula Garcia

Funk Family

Scott and Erika Garell

Geary Family

Gee Family

*Barbara Gertz and Joe Sinha

Susan and Steve Glynn

Karen Gottschalk

Yongson and Chris Govea

John and Jennifer Grinold

Prassana L Gudihala

Chris and Lisa Haskell

Yan and Patrick Heim

Todd Hensley

Link Hirst and Ynez Wilson Hirst

Sean and Allison Hogan

Jane and Thomas Holden

John and Rowena Hollis

Chris and Marianne Hornbeck

Melanie and Greg Hsu

Hummel Family

Hunt Family

Huston Family

Amy and John Inouye

Kathryn and Kevin Ishizu

Ara and Aline Jelalian

Becky and Reza Jenab

Debbie and Glenn Johansen

Rita and Ranu Jordan

Soren Juelsgaard

Lisa and Michael Karp

Brent and Martha Karren

Mark and Aileen Kazmierowski

Eric and Sheri Kelleher

Junaid Khan and Sarah Rahman

Grace and Sonny Khoo

Mary Katherine and Trevor Kienzle

Barrie Kivel family

Cindy and Deepak Kumar

Kunczynski Family

Dawn & Warren Kurisu


Queenie and Kin Lai

Van Lam and Nancy Cha-Lam

Lisbeth Kvale and Todd Liljegren

Susie and Jeff LaCour

Queenie and Kin Lai

Steve and Cathy Lambert

Cara Lankford

Sarah and Edwin Lee

Wendi Leonard and Anthony Fong

Andy and Tracy Lee

Susan and Aaron Levy

Gretchen and Kenn Lewis

Richard Lewis and Ignacia Guzman

Jeff and Michelle Logan

William Longton and Sarah Streett

Nissa Lopes

Steve and Darla Lucas

Sid and Julie Luckenbach

Jason and Jennifer Lurie

Dan and Jennifer Lyons

Ian and Lani MacKenzie

Mader Family

McDermott Hoffman Family

John McManus and Ariele Taylor

Wendy and Joe Meckes

Mesfin and Legesse Family

Bruce and Molly Metherd

Tom and Marya Miller

Jeffrey and Staci Mills

Paradi Mirmirani and George Minowada

Debra and Faramarz Moeen-Ziai

Becca and Lev Moltyaner

Julie and Craig Morrison

Jennifer and Jackson Mosher

Meredith and Michael Moss

Kokoro Motegi

Kyle and Lisa Mueller

Pat and Janet Murphy

Donald and Lea Mutya

The Persinger Family

Dan and Suzie Noal

Gareth and Jackie Noyes

Debra and Sean O'Brien

Lianne Voelm and Tom Ohlson

Matthew and Juliana Oliver

Kristin and Per-Olof Persson

Sonia Ordonez and Richard Grant

Robert and Julie Oxner

John and Susie Parr

Tom and Cindy Pearson

Steve and Liz Peterson

Reka Pigniczky and Luca Gero

Edward and Whitney Pope

Nicole and Andrew Radlow

Carolina Ramirez

Carlos and Victoria Ramirez

Corrie and Steve Raphael


Katherine and David Ritchey

Matt and Julie Ritzman

Omar and Lisa Rodriquez

Catherine and Carlos Roman

Doreen Sakamoto and Bruce Bucholz

Devon and Jay Sherwood

Shinn Family

Dennis and Nicole Sidlauskas

Georgina Simboli

Phil and Whitney Simon

Carrie Smith

Amy and Chris Smith

Dan Smith and Katie Twomey

Lee and Jamie Smith

Troy and Julie Smith

Wes and Mary Smith

Daron and Molly Smith

Daniel and Deena Solwren

Carolyn and Andy Stenovec

Allan and Diana Stephens

Tamara and Mike Stone

Henning and Bene Streubel

Yoko and Michael Sullivan

Supran Family

Tiffany and Jonathan Svahn

Tague Family

Bob and Kendra Tasker

Azita and Troy Taylor

Mark Thai and Vivian Tran

D.J. and Tina Tierney

Donavan and Suzanne Tom

Karim and Joey Toubba

Daniel Weiner and Deborah Cahn-Weiner

Richard Wilson and Emma Taylor

Keith and Cheri Van Buren

Nancy Ung

Ana and Paul Vacakis

Wei Vivian and Frank Wang

Ricki Wagner

*Kate Walker

Peili Wang

Weiru Wang and Ye Liu

Scott Wilder

Grace and Derek Wilson

Kelly Wilson and Achim Fritzen

Susan Winchester and Scott Zeller

Susan and Matt Wisk

Elsie and Aaron Wright

Carol Yee and Roger Eng

Bill and June Young

Charlie and Kim Younger

Shuyan Yue

Susan Yuen

Sharon Zezima and Kal Deutsch

Dongxiao and Michelle Zhang

Lei Zhao and Tieren Zhou

Tina and Brad Zwahlen

Other Bulldog Donors



Catherine and Dean Akazawa

Maryam Asgari and Marc Marchiel

Laina and Brent Austin

Josephine and Michael Blake

Riva Bobrowsky

Paloma Bott

Ciaran and Marci Byrne

Joe and Myeve Capozzi

Carey/Thorpe Family

Jeanette and Carlos Chang

Eunsun and William Chen

Diana Chow

The Chow Family

The Dodd Family

Ted and Philippa Donn

Karena Essex

Erny Family

Soreya Evans

Davidovich Family

Scot and Jean Ferguson

Michael Finegan

Bey Forghani and Kathy O'Connell

Brigitte and Mark Garman

*Vicky and Joe Grillo

Giertz Family

Amanda and Kyle Haas

Cara and Edgar Heilmann

Ashleigh and Kevin Hodges


Honaryar Family

Michele and John Hubinger

Robert Kline

David Lausch

Shengyi Liu and Yanni Zhao

Mark Mahoney

Paul and Paula Marchese-Caccamo

Nimeh and Halim Mathkour

Marjorie McAneny and Eric Page

Jeanette and Sean McCarthy

Maria McGrath

Nikki and Elliott Nestal

Garielle and Kevin O'Toole

Marjorie and Eric Page

Paulus Likar Family

Brandi and John Pearce

Mary Kate and Terrance Riley

Rodolfo Martell and Maria Ruiz

Ramei Sani-Grosso

Schneider Family

Ana Maria and Steven Schnier

Jeff and Kathy Schwarz

Enoch and Joyce Shin

Georgina Simboli

Michael Smith and Susan Shiu

Nicole and Lawrence Strauss

Fiona and Sean Tavernier

Vijith Thilakaratne

Stephanie and Frank Tse

Irma Viray

If you have any questions, please contact the Fundraising coordinator,