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2015-2016 Donors

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updated 11-15-2015   * includes matching funds
** donation increase

Gold $5000 and above

Peter and Denice Gant

  CarrieLyn and Glen Guymon*

Silver $2500 and above

Gabriele Amtmann and Andrew Blacklock*

Ben and Maggie Barber*

Alec and Lynn Bartsch*

Richard and Heather Callister

Carolyn Clements

Kim and Steve Cohen

Clay Deanhardt & Sandra Milan*

Nancy and Phil Estes


Glen and Shannon Fuller

Living Lean

Patrick Maguire*

Louise and Richard Metzgen

Vivek and Yvette Subramanian

John and Sheila Unick**

Bentley and Tim Westphal


Bronze $1500 and above


Larry and Julie Abramson

Failin Au and Steve Draeger

Heather and Chistopher Biles

Walker and Anita Bardsley

Amina and Fred Bret-Mounet

Randy and Shelli Bruzinski

Ray Cardozo and Latika Malkani

Elaine Chan and David Jung

Paul and Stacy Crinks

David and Renee Bertenthal

John and Nancy Breznikar

Brian and Tamara Bohlig

Julie and Dan Chinn

Don and Darien Destino

Karen and Michael Devlin

Sebastian and Tanja DiGrande

Paul and Carrie Dolan

Julie and Dave Dulski*

Charles and Lisa Foster

Steven Frank and Heidi Petersen

Kevin and Tracy Gong

Jonathan and Alyssa Harris

Paul and Julie Hollerbach

Kelly and Rich Hurrey*

James and Liz Jenkins


Jhun Family*

Lisa and Robert Joga*

Family of Yeji Kim

Chris & Michelle Kohr*

Sally and Greig Lagomarsino

Lisa and Andy LaVelle*

Toby and Lynn Lenk

The Lutton Family

Menke Family 5

Brian and Laura Millham

Stacy and Jeff Mills

Sharon Murphy and Rick Nelson

Mark and Sara Nelson

Debra and Sean O'Brien*

Lesley and Marc Patten

Whitney and Ted Pope

Catherine and Carlos Roman*

Bruce Saldinger and Lynne Royer

Craig Sato and Eleanor S. Lee

Shauna and Mark Simmonds*

Mary and Wes Smith

Julie and Chris Swenson

Amber and Eric Thompson*

David Wallach and Rachel Bertin

Pang/Xu Family

Hanwen Zhang's Family

Bulldog Boosters $1000 and above

Louis and Diane Acevedo


Veronica Araiza

Stephanie and Scott Barmmer

John and Tricia Barnes

Bill and Sunny Bliss

Chris and Christa Boncimino*

Kasey Byrne and Dan Bronfman

MaryBeth and Tom Carter

Kevin and Sarah Cunningham

David and Dorothy Dreessen

Marci and Patrick Dunne*

The Elias Family

Jane and Dwight Foster

Erin and Jennifer Fox

Steven Harrison and Tina Chou

Sandra and Tom Holland

Ping Hu and Junwu Gan

Bart and Heather Grenning

Jayson Haines and Ruth Lang*

Pamela and Carter Hemming

Corie and Craig Hunt

Amy and John Inouye*

Linda and Irfan Jaffery

Debbie and Glenn Johansen

Susan and Hart Jordan

Sarah and Steve Kang

Grace Khoo

Kosterman Family


Jeff and Laura Kostermans

Andrew and Sherry Lee

Dane and Robyn Lewis

James Lewis and Lisa Hales

Ian and Lani MacKenzie

Catja and Trent McDonald

Marya and Tom Miller*

Moeen-Ziai Family

Meredith and Michael Moss*

Elliott and Nikki Nestal

David and Yosh Neugebauer

Thanh Nguyen

Benjamin and Susan Persin*

The Persinger Family*

Reka Pignickzy and Barnabas Gero

Rob Kline and MeiLan Chen

Toinette and Max Reynolds

Kristin and Kyle Rhodes

David and Katherine Ritchey

Benjamin and Alexis Robinson*

Greg and Mary Ruppert*

Say Family

Ken and Janet Tarkoff

Rob Schechter and Alison Matsunaga

Greg Schmidt and Wendy Waggener

Mia and Altie Schmitt

Jim and Betsy Shandalov

Craig and Elena Straub

Bulldog Backers $650 and above

Russell and Marcia Adams

Seanna and Jeff Allen

Laura and Peter Andrews

Kahn and Mai Angsupanich

The Argast Family

Anthony and Maria Arroyo

Steve and Marcella Austenfeld

The Banapours

Allison and Hossein Banisadr

Vlatka Bathgate

Mindy and Robert Becker

The Bell Family

Michael and Kathryn Bell

Steven and Claire Berg*

Bob and Debbie Berndt

Todd and Amy Berryhill

Billie-Jean and Mark Bertoli

Christine and Keith Beury

Heather and Guy Blanchard

Lisa Bliss

Sandra and Greg Bonderud


Chris and Shannon Bradley

The Braitburg Family

Darren and Gina Brewster

Carolyn and Kevin Bruen

Shane and Monica Brun

Anna and Amer Budayr

The Burch Family

Darren and Becca Carrington

Sylvia and Raymond Chan

Meilan Chen and Rob Kline*

Gracia Chen's Family

David and Chiho Cheng

Jacque and Ken Childers

Kevin and Kimberly Coleman

Mike and Sara Curran

Marc DaRosa and Arona Ragins

Ruth and Dan Dashiell

Mark and Sharyl Debusschere

Lisa Delillo and Scott Wilder

Veena Dhaliwal

Kara and Steve Dille

Ted and Philippa Donn

Marion and Neill Duffy

Scott and Anne Marie Duncan

The Eckart Family

Roger Efremsky

Stewart and Anita Elliot

Erdem Family

Connie and Juzer Essabhoy

Linus and Stephanie Eukel

Tracy and Jonathan Fayman

Paula and Ron Garcia

Scott & Erika Garell

Gasparini Family

The Gee Family

Aaron and Jen George

Mike and Theresa Gonzales

Steve and Karen Gottschalk

Chris and Youngson Govea

Christopher and Julie Grimsrud

Jennifer and John Grinold

Beth and Justin Gross

Michael Hagendoorn and Megginson Hollister

Horrocks-Mustard Family

Maria and George Hammond

Jon and Katharine Hawkins

Peter and Cynthia Heckler

The Hegarty Family

Yan and Patrick Heim

Hensley Family

Jon and Kimberly Hett

Wayne and Jennifer Hill

Carrie and Jens Hillen

Link Hirst and Ynez Wilson Hirst

Marianne and Chris Hornbeck

Greg and Melanie Hsu

The Huey Family

Michelene Insalaco

Aline and Ara Jelalian

Reza and Becky Jenab

Kali Jones and Chris Lippi

Joel and Glenn Jackson

Marty Johnson and Jenny Wodinsky

Brent and Martha Karren

Aileen & Mark Kazmierowski


Sean and Mandy Keene

Junaid Khan and Sarah Rahman

Mary Katherine and Trevor Kienzle

Artur and Beata Klamczynski

Linda and David Kornguth

Stan and Ilene Kott

Cindy and Deepak Kumar

Ann and Zyg Kunczynski

Brad and Leslie Lagomarsino

Pieter and Melinda Lagaay

Christoper and Kirsten Lang

Cara Lankford and Paul Lankford

Debra and Nicholas Le

Sarah and Edwin Lee

Michelle and Chris Lehman

Shawn Lee and Tiffany Yu

Gretchen and Kenn Lewis

Mark Lim

Robert and Jeanette Lipp

Nissa Lopes

David Lowell and Anne Feld Lowell

Steve and Darla Lucas


Julie and Sid Luckenbach

Jennifer and Jason Lurie

Daniel and Jennifer Lyons

Diana and Denis Mahar

Whitney and Mike Marken

Pascale and Ian McCartt

Matt and Tammi McCormick

Emilie and Jason Medal-Katz*

Yu Mei

Kerry and Eric Mein

Nicole and Mark Meredith

The Mesfin Family

John and Tracey Millham

Paul and Teresa Miller

Paradi Mirmirani and George Minowada

Janet and Dave Moga

Lev and Becca Moltayaner

Dolly Bahrami & Evan Morganstein

Julie and Craig Morrison

Jennifer and Jackson Mosher

Kyle and Lisa Mueller

Steve and Stefanie Murphy

Bryan and Janie Neff

Tarlochan and Kiran Nijjar

Gareth and Jackie Noyes

Obnial Family

Lisa and Sean O'Connor

Tom Ohlson and Liann Voelm

Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander

Robert and Julie Oxner

Marykay and Jaemin Park

Cynthia and Thomas Pearson

Michael Pejza and Susan Wong

Kristin and Per-Olof Persson

Steve and Liz Peterson

An Pham and Minh Dam

Nadine and James Pursiano

Steve and Corrie Raphael

Tracy and Okorie Ramsey

Eliza Randolph

Jennifer and Adam Reiner*

John and Julie Rhee

Mike and Mollie Ricksen

The Riley Family

Scott and Christine Rose

Kevin and Kate Ross

Kelly and Brian Roy*

Juan and Laura Sanchez

Doreen Sakamoto*

San Gabriel Family

Anthony Savala and Elizabeth Sautter

Brandt Severson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schlemmer

Schmedding Family

Shayna and Zachary Schulz

Sanju and Tori Sharma

Rick and Lisa Shepard

Devon and Jay Sherwood

Enoch and Joyce Shin

Shinn Family

Georgina Simboli

The Smith Family

Family of Bob Smith

Chris and Amy Smith

Troy and Julie Smith

Iris and Sam Sorokin

Jenny and Paul Staelin

Carolyn and Andy Stenovec

Michael and Tamara Stone

Benedicte and Henning Streubel

Carin and Peter Sullivan

Colleen and Jonathan Supran

Tiffany and Jonathan Svahn

Dave and Kim Swanson


Anna and Skip Tague

Azita and Troy Taylor

Taylor/Blackie-Taylor Family

Luis and Kristan Torres

Mark Thai and Vivian Tran

D.J. and Tina Tierney

Luis and Kristan Torres

Kevin Toyama and Yujin Jeon

Kate and Anthony Trani

David and Noel Twist

Kevin Toyama and Yujin Jeon

Nancy Ung

Ann Marie Urbanski*

Uzuncan Family

Chris and Julianne Viadro

Kelly and Art Wagner

Daniel Weiner and Deborah Cahn-Weiner

Welch/Hamasaki Family

Matt & Debbie Westover

Derek and Kirsten Whipple

Grace and Derek Wilson

Richard Wilson and Emma Taylor

Susan Winchester and Scott Zeller

Matt and Susan Wisk

Wolpert/Giacich Family

Haidee and Jason Wong

Katie and Tom Wood

Brandon and Candy Yee

Charles Yeomans and Desiree LeClerc

Gordon and Kirsten Young

Tricia and Bret Young

Susan Yuen

Rana Zahedi and Mehrdad Horri

Ellen Zapalac and Tony Foster

Bulldog Buddies

Dean and Catherine Akazawa

The Beckerman Family

Courtney Bennett and Rich Caballero

Bloom Family

Bowers Family

Jennifer and Garth Bradley

Carlos Chang

Tiffany Charrette

Cristi and Andy Chow

Sue and Mitchell Cohen

Ehud and Rinat Davidovich

Steve and Lara Dutto

Michael Finegan

Louise and Kevin Flynn

Foutch Family

Hodder Family

Kate Jastram

Lori Jungbluth

The Karp Family

Brigitte Koenig and Mark Garman

Richard Lewis and Ignacia Guzman

David Lausch and Julie Clark*

Jennifer Manio

Steve and April Meagher

The Meckes Family


Gwen Murphy and Cory Marchese

Esther Neuwirth and Michael Stein

Darren and Shasta Pieper

Orinda Mandarin Chinese Program

Francis Ng

Jaynie and Rich Rosso

Dorren Sakamoto and Bruce Buchholz

Alan and Michelle Safahi

Jeff and Kathy Schwarz


Phil and Whitney Simon

Susan and Rob Scott

Carrie Smith

Daniel and Denna Solwren

Nicole and Lawrence Strauss

Mark Swinton

Fiona and Sean Tavernier

Karim and Joey Toubba

Frank and Stephanie Tse



LaDonna Whitaker

Kim and Charlie Younger

Maria and Nick Zigenis

If you have any questions, please contact the Fundraising coordinator,