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6th Grade Science

Focus on Earth Science

  • Plate Tectonics and Earth's Structure
  • Shaping Earth's Surface
  • Heat (Thermal Energy) (Physical Science)
  • Energy in the Earth System
  • Ecology (Life Science)
  • Resources
  • Investigation & Experimentation


Science class emphasizes hands-on experiences. Activities are geared specifically for the 6th grade. Methods of understanding rely on: 

  • Observing and recording events in the natural world
  • Doing, designing and reflecting on experiments (scientific method)
  • Field work on the school grounds, where applicable
  • Writing and editing on the computer
  • Researching information using books, databases, magazine articles, laser video disc and interviews
  • Using the laser video discs such as 'Science Sleuth' simulations
  • Class and group discussion of hot issues in science
  • Written reports, oral presentations, poster presentations
  • Use of graphs
  • Working individually, in pairs, and in small groups
  • Planning and organizing their own work, taking increasing responsibility as the year progresses
  • Critical thinking and questioning