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7th Grade Core Teachers
  Suzy Kisch (925) 258-6288 7th Grade Core
  Jennifer Morgan (925) 258-6248 7th Grade Core
  Eric Page (925) 258-6254 7th Grade Core
  Abdul Bassa Teacher

7th Grade Core

Language Arts

We will focus on reading and analyzing a variety of literary forms: novels, short stories, poetry, and plays. Often these selections will complement the history curriculum. In the area of writing, we will concentrate on forms such as summary, narrative, persuasive, expository and research. We utilize the six traits rubric as a guide for the process of writing and for evaluation. Note taking and outlining skills will also be emphasized.


Seventh grade history is concerned with world history from approximately 500-1600. The following topics comprise the seventh grade history curriculum: Roman Empire, Islamic Empire, sub-Saharan Africa, China, Japan, Medieval Europe, Renaissance/Reformation, Age of Discovery/Civilization of the Americas. We will distinguish what makes societies unique and the links that bind them together. Often, we connect this understanding to today's world. The study of geography is also incorporated to enhance the students' understanding of a particular culture. A variety of activities will be utilized to engage the students in this rich curriculum.