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Electives Overview

The elective program at OIS is designed to enhance our students’ educational experience by providing opportunities for exploration and enrichment. The many courses offered allow students to develop and expand their interests while gaining practical experience and preparing them for high school and beyond. To view course descriptions, please click on the link to the left that coincides with your child's grade level.

Electives Staff
Contact Terry Eubanks  Terry Eubanks (925) 258-6291 Drama I & II, Public Speaking, Debate
Contact Kendra Hodder  Kendra Hodder (925) 258-6246 French
Contact Christina Holling  Christina Holling (925) 258-6294 Chorus
Contact Greg Mazmanian  Greg Mazmanian (925) 258-6250 Band
Contact Julia McKaskey  Julia McKaskey Video Production
Contact Leslie Millstone  Leslie Millstone (925) 258-6255 Computers
Contact David Morritt  David Morritt (925) 258-6296 Sculpture
Contact Heather O'Brien  Heather O'Brien (925) 258-6249 Spanish 1A
Contact Maria Rosas  Maria Rosas (925) 258-6247 Spanish
Contact Susan Weiss  Susan Weiss (925) 258-6242 Art, Yearbook
Contact Cody Wilson  Cody Wilson (925) 258-6241 Wood Technology/Maker Space Instructor