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PE Teachers
  Jason Curry (925) 258-6287 P.E.
  Casey Hock (925) 258-6285 P.E.
  Anny Lackey (925) 258-6284 P.E.
  Susan Randall (925) 258-6286 P.E.

Physical Education

PE logoThe goal of the Physical Education Department at OIS is to offer our students a diversified program, which is in compliance with the Physical Education Framework as adopted by the California State Board of Education. Our curriculum consists of the following units of instruction:

6th Grade
Tumbling, Football, Volleytennis, Soccer, Paddles, Scooters, Scoops, Circus Skills, Softball, Track, Hockey, Basketball, Line Dance, Ultimate Team Handball, Elementary Favorites, Wellness

7th Grade
Tumbling, Football, Volleyball, Tinikling/Jump Rope, Soccer, Bowling, Cooperative Games, Table Tennis, Softball, Track, Basketball, Folk Dance, Fitness Testing, Team Handball, Frisbee, Wellness

8th Grade
Tumbling, Football, Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, Team Building, Badminton, Self-Defense, Futsal, Softball, Track, Archery, Square Dance, Golf, Basketball, Wellness

All students participate in warm-ups daily. These exercises are designed to promote muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Every Monday is a fitness day in which all classes participate in fitness related activities. Twice a month, students’ aerobic levels are tested as they embark on a one-mile run.