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Mouse Squad

Mouse Squad LogoBulldog Squad is modeled after Mouse, a national program for students participating in Mouse's student-led technical support program.

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Mobile App Template
Mobile App Template

Mini Techs

Tech Training Links (for Veteran Members to Update

1. Tech Guide 2020 - Adding finished additions from last semester, but needs improvement. Update any sections that seem incomplete / unclear and add any new issues from today's brainstorm. This is the priority, as we need this next week! 

2. Tech Training Scenarios for Next Week (update if time)

Skill Share Seminar Planning

Make a COPY of this template and share with Mr. Sachs (

Mouse Squad 3d Print Request

Upload ONE file you want to print for the end of the semester in this folder. You can choose anything you've created in Tinkercad OR one print from Thingiverse. Name the file with YOUR name. 

Bulldog Squad App Ideas

Last week we brainstormed some problems that a mobile app could potentially help address. Here are some of the ideas to get you started:

- Water tracker / management (drought)

- Offline Location tracking (for hikers / backpackers)

- Procrastination!

- Remembering to feed pets

- Crime tracking / reporting

- Road quality monitoring

- Bathroom locator

- Navigation assistance for the blind

- Siri shopping app

- Font creator

- Instant surveys with friends (where should we go for dinner?)

- Search term generator

- Poisonous plant identifier

- Q&A app