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CC Food Bank

In November, the Character Education Committee sponsored two events related to hunger: the Hunger Assembly and the Canned Food Drive.
At the hunger assembly, which was held on November 4, students watched a presentation about different reasons people go hungry. Sometimes, families cannot provide enough food for their children due to financial reasons. In other cases, some people make themselves go hungry because of eating disorders. The students learned that there are food banks that can provide food to the needy. Families can pick up food and bring it home to feed their kids. This was an eye-opening experience for many OIS students.
The OIS Leadership class is having a canned food drive for the Contra Costa Food Bank. From the 17th to the 21st, students can bring in cans of food to their 1st period teachers to fight hunger here in the Bay Area. Please bring in all you can!

This review was written by a student.