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Interested in learning more about learning differences and other challenges? Here is a list of books dealing with Diverse Abilities in the OIS library.

Past DAAW Programs
Lamorinda Weekly Feb 2008
Orinda News Mar 2012
Orinda News Mar 2013

Diverse Abilities Awareness Week and related activities are part of our school's Character Education Goals, which promote understanding and respect for all people, regardless of differences, challenges, special abilities, and/or disabilities. DAAW is made possible by a collaboration between OIS Administration, teachers, staff, and the OIS Parents Club.

Diverse Abilities Awareness Week (DAAW)

DAAW 2019

2019Diverse Abilities Awareness Week (DAAW) is an annual event at OIS. The goal of the program is to provide OIS students with a better understanding of diverse abilities and how we can truly appreciate and celebrate differences.

DAAW Activities
During Diverse Abilities Awareness Week, OIS sixth graders will learn about the various types of challenges and abilities individuals have, including differences in learning styles, auditory and visual processing, sensory integration, and physical impairments. The program begins with an assembly and interactive panel discussion. Panelists include people from different backgrounds who share their experiences and challenges with the audience.

Students also engage in guided hands-on activities that allow them to experience what it might be like to live with such challenges. The students are given the opportunity to debrief during a group discussion that follows. Families are encouraged to attend our DAAW Open House to interface with various community agencies that are on hand to share information about the resources they offer. The highlight of the evening has historically been the wheelchair basketball game with BORP (Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program).

Parent Involvement in DAAW

OIS parents are encouraged to volunteer during DAAW by guiding sixth graders through activities at various interactive stations. Shifts are approximately three hours long and training is provided at the beginning of each shift. Interested volunteers are also encouraged to help organize DAAW, including the Community Open House on Wednesday evening. For more information, please contact Corrie Raphael, Volunteer Coordinator. ( Even if you cannot volunteer, please attend the Open House with your students to learn more about Diverse Abilities Awareness Week at OIS.