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2019 Promotion Slideshow


A slideshow of the 8th grade class will be shown at the after party on graduation night.  We need your pictures to make it complete!  Goal is to have each child appear in about 2-3 photos. 

Please follow ALL the below instructions….

1) Find 2 of your favorite pictures of your graduate with their friends from the past 3 years.  Photos can be from parties to vacations and classrooms to campsites!  Sorry, no baby photos or photos from elementary school.  And no sibling pictures (unless, of course they are all currently in 8th grade at OIS).

2) Attach the photos as jpeg files to an email and send it to  

3) Include the name of each child in the photo on the email - the photo won’t appear in slideshow if we don’t know who is in it.  

4) CC the moms/dads of the other kids in the photo so that they know that at least 1 other photo of their child has been sent.  Remember, the goal is 2 pictures per child.

5) The deadline is May 1st - no exceptions!  So, don’t wait!  

Questions - please email