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Day Outing Info

Dress Code

Casual clothes are suitable for the day outing. Jeans, shorts, T-shirts, tennis shoes are all acceptable. NO FLIP-FLOPS. If weather dictates, please bring a sweatshirt.

Student and Parent INFO: Please see below for important information about the 2019 Day Outing.  

Lunch and transportation and park entry are included. Please send money for snacks or extra games if desired!


Students are expected to comport themselves appropriately during the ceremony, party and day outing. Students should pay attention during presentations during the ceremony, avoid pushing and shoving when in line, on the dance floor or when engaged in the party games. Likewise, they should treat each other, and parent volunteers, with respect.



Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo)

Friday, June 7, 2019



1. When you arrive at school, please report to your first period class so teachers can take attendance.


2. The buses will leave from the bus area on IVY DR. at 9:00 AM … please be on time! Be sure to report to your first period class on time so you can be released to the bus area on time.


3. Students have been assigned to a particular bus alphabetically, based on last name. There will be signs on each bus indicating what letters of the alphabet should board that bus. If you requested to be on the early bus, which departs Six Flags at 3:00 pm, you will be on bus #1 (the alphabetical rule does not apply in this case). NO bus switches will be allowed because your name will only be included on the sheet that corresponds to your assigned bus.


4. The chaperone(s) for your bus will have a list of all students on that bus, admission tickets and lunch tickets. You MUST be on the correct bus in order to receive your tickets.


5. When the bus arrives at Six Flags your chaperone(s) will escort you to the front gate to make sure you enter the park safely. At Six Flags the chaperones will be walking around to assist you if needed.  Additionally, at all times throughout the day a chaperone will be stationed at the front gate for concerns or emergencies.  Your chaperone(s) will also give you cell numbers to contact them while you are in the park.  Please take measures to keep your cell phone safe/dry.


6. Lunch: Buffet for a two hour window will be provided between 11:30 am ~ 1:30 pm  at a set location in the park.  The kids can come and go freely as many times as they wish during this window of time.  (Food allergies cannot be accommodated, sorry).

7. When leaving Six Flags at the end of the day, please meet at the Dolphin Fountain, near the entrance of the park. If you are on the early bus leaving for Miramonte’s graduation (bus #1), please meet at the fountain by 2:45 pm.  All others meet at the fountain by 4:30 pm. Remember: you MUST ride home on the same bus that you arrived on.


8. NO bus will leave until EVERY student is accounted for and on his or her correct bus. If you are late, for any reason, you will be holding up 250 classmates and chaperones as well as the parents who are waiting at OIS to pick up their student. Be fair, thoughtful, and MOST importantly, BE ON TIME.


9. Upon returning to OIS at approximately 6:00 PM (Early bus will return to OIS at 4:00pm - Departs Six Flags at 3pm), you will exit your bus in the bus area and walk, ONE LAST TIME, through campus to the circle where your parents will be waiting to pick you up.


10.  It is a good idea to bring some extra cash if you wish to buy something or ride a few of the “pay as you go” rides such as the bungee jump. Please also wear something with a zip/ Velcro /button pocket to safely store your lunch ticket and any other items you opt to bring.


11. Use Sunscreen!


12. Be safe, smart and respectful of others!


13. Congratulations on your promotion and becoming a high school student!

ENJOY your special day!

Coordinator for Six Flags:

Sandy Gray