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Contact: Theresa Gonzalez  if you have any questions regarding Volnteering


You may also access the volunteer openings here:

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The Promotions Ceremony, Party and Day Outing are managed, organized and staffed by parent volunteers. From decorations to chaperoning at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, parents do it all. 8th-grade parents are all invited to volunteer and be a part of this great event. Over 100 volunteers are needed. Please kindly consider lending a hand!

It is a tradition each year for 7th-grade parents to volunteer to help during the Promotions Ceremony. Volunteers are needed to help with parking, food prep, and check-in.


Help is needed on Friday, June 2nd, Saturday, June 3rd, and Sunday June 4th to decorate and clean-up the OIS MPR. If you can work for even just one hour it will be appreciated! We can really use the help of a few dads. Specific help will be needed on Friday to install decorative draping on the ceiling and wells.

Clean-up and Take-Down

The clean-up crew will be working in the MPR on Friday, June 9th in the morning beginning at 10:00 am. Many hands make light work. Again, dads are needed!

 If you are interested in volunteering for any promotions related event, please contact Teresa Gonzales, our 2018 Promotions Volunteer coordinator at



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