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How We Fund

Why We Need to Raise Money for OIS
California’s spending per student is officially among the lowest of all states. In the National Education Association (NEA) Rankings and Estimates: California was ranked 44th in spending per student in 2008-09. Of the 1,050 school districts in California, the Orinda Union School District ranks near the bottom in state funding per student. Since the passage of Prop 13, over twenty-five years ago, state and federal funding has been grossly inadequate in providing for the quality and breadth of education Orinda residents value. As a result, the need for private funding from the community and Parents' Club has significantly increased. 

How We Generate Revenue
The OIS Parents' Club generates revenue five ways: The Make a Difference campaign, Electronic Fundraising, the Bulldog Kennel, a Golf Tournament and a few other small programs we will refer to as "Other".

How the Use of our Funds is Determined
There are three groups involved in the determination of how Parents' Club funds are spent. They are the School Site Coordinating Council, the Parents' Club Finance Committee and the OIS Parents' Club Board.

In early fall, the Budget Advisory Subcommittee of the School Site Coordinating Council convenes to identify and prioritize any unfunded needs that are aligned with the school's strategic plan. These items would be outside of what is already provided for in the school and/or Parents' Club budget for the present year and would be funded in the future should dollars become available. 

These funding requests are evaluated against the School Site Coordinating Council’s funding standards below:

Funding Proposal Guidelines (SSCC By-laws, Article VI, Section 1)

Serves the Maximum Number of Students

No Long-Term Commitment of Financial Resources (e.g., Salaries)

Other Funding Sources Explored

Provides Long-term Benefit

Equitable Among Students/Staff

When funds become available from either the Parents' Club or through special grants, these projects will be given priority for approval. 

Beginning in February, the Parents' Club Finance Committee has the first of several meetings to review its financial policies and to develop a Parents' Club budget for the next school year. The Finance Committee, in consultation with the School Site Coordinating Council and the Principal, works to determine what level of funding will be needed for current programs as well as identify new funding needs. At the April Parents Club meeting, the Finance Committee presents the draft budget for comment, and then for approval at the May meeting.