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After School Sports

(Bulldog Sports)

The Bulldog Sports program provides all interested students an opportunity to learn, play, and enjoy a variety of team and individual sports (e.g., football, volleyball, basketball, fencing, softball, golf, cross country, track).

Associate Principal

The Associate Principal at OIS works as part of a team with our counselors to assist students and parents.

Bell Schedules

The school day begins each day at 8:45am. On Mondays, dismissal time is 2:45pm. Tuesday through Friday dismissal time is 3:30pm.

Bulldog News

This weekly e-mail news brief to parents contains important information about school-related activities including upcoming events and important messages from a variety of school, Parents' Club and community organizations.

Bulldog Store

Located on the OIS website, the Bulldog Store is the place to make an electronic purchase of PE clothes, event tickets, or make a donation.

Bulldog Theater Company (After School Drama)

This program offers two theatrical productions, one musical and one drama, each school year. All students may audition to be a cast or tech crew member.

Bus Service

Bus transportation to OIS is provided by the company First Student. If interested you can visit the Lamorinda School Bus website or call them at (925) 299-3216. The County Connection also has routes that service OIS during arrival and dismissal times.

Character Education

OIS' award-winning programs promote character education through the OIS Pledge and a variety of activities and programs such as WEB, Others First, Diverse Abilities Awareness.

Citizenship Award

A monthly opportunity for staff members to recognize individual students for contributions to the school outside of academics.

Columbia Teachers' College Writing and Reading Project (TCWRP)

The foundation of OUSD's approach to teaching writing and reading.

Colors Bulldog Blue, Gray, and White.

Core Classes

A student's “core” class includes Language Arts and Social Studies. Core is a three-period course for 6th graders and a two-period course for 7th and 8th graders.

Counseling Office

Two Counselors manage the guidance and counseling functions of the school. Counselors are available to both students and parents for assistance.


The school sponsors dances for students. Dances are scheduled for 6th graders from 3:45-5:15 p.m. and dances for 7th and 8th graders from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Dean of Students

The Dean works as part of a team with the Principal, Associate Principal and Counselors to assist students and parents.


Educational Foundation of Orinda financially supports enrichment electives and library services.


Most 6th-graders are scheduled into one elective per semester. Most 7th and 8th graders are scheduled two periods of full year and/or semester courses of his or her choice.

Food Service

(Bulldog Kennel and Bow Wow Chow)

Sponsored by the OIS Parents' Club, the program provides daily brunch and lunch service, focusing on quality food and providing financial support to the Parents' Club. Several lunch options are offered each day on a pre-order basis.


The OIS Parents' Club comes to parents during online registration to raise money for our school with the Make a Difference campaign. Together with eScrip, these are the two primary Parents' Club fundraisers.


The handbook contains vital information including OIS policies and procedures and must be read by all students and parents.

Identification Cards

Students are required to have picture ID cards for school dances, the Bulldog Kennel and the library. ID Cards should be carried at all times. Replacement cards may be purchased in the office for $5.00.


An elective course during which students produce a daily news program broadcast during homeroom. These television broadcasts inform students of important information, activities, and upcoming events at OIS.

Library and Media Center

The library is open to students before school, during brunch and lunch, and after school. Students can check out books from the library, as well as use the Media Center for word processing, multi-media projects, internet research and printing.


Hall lockers are made available to students at the beginning of the year.


The OIS mascot is the Bulldog.


A point of sale system for daily purchases in the Kennel. Parents can make pre-paid deposits to their students' mealtime account. Full details are available on the OIS website.

Multipurpose Room / Frank Isola Gym

The MPR is the large building seen as one enters the school. The Frank Isola Gym is located on the south end of the school.


The school office is located in the 30's wing and is open daily from 7:30am to 4pm.

Others First

Sponsored by the OIS Parents' Club, this community service program offers students an opportunity to participate in various community service activities on and off campus.

OIS Parents' Club

The OIS Parents' Club promotes the welfare of OIS students by funding and managing projects and programs that improve the middle school experience for all students. The Parents' Club generally meets once a month in the OIS library. All parents are welcome to attend meetings.

Online Registration

The process used to register students to attend OIS. It is a quick and convenient way to complete all forms, sign up for volunteer opportunities and pay all fees online.


Parents and visitors may park in the circle between 9am and 3pm.

Physical Education Uniforms

All students are required to wear a uniform during PE. Uniforms may be purchased online from the Bulldog Store.

Picture Day

Held in fall for all students. Pictures are required for the student ID card and are used in the yearbook. For those wishing to purchase pictures, order forms will be available during the first week of school.


The OIS Pledge is a brief statement that captures the concepts of the Character Education program. The Pledge is printed in the Agenda and is posted in every classroom.


OIS Principal, Stacy Wayne.

Promotion Activities

8th-grade promotion activities include an evening ceremony followed by a dance/party and an outing to an amusement park.

School Site Coordinating Council (SSCC)

The SSCC is an elected body consisting of parents, teachers, and administrators. The primary function of the SSCC is to guide the implementation and development of the OIS Site Plan. The SSCC meets monthly. All parents are welcome to attend meetings.

WEB (Where Everybody Belongs)

A nationally recognized program that provides an orientation and year-long support for 6th graders. 8th grade WEB Leaders involve incoming 6th graders in a variety of welcoming activities on WEB Day which is scheduled the week before school begins.