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bus information

Yellow Bus information
Lamorinda School Bus Program

Public Bus information
The County Connection (Central Contra Costa Transit Authority ~ CCCTA)

Public transit buses serve OIS Monday through Friday before and after school. Bus #106 delivers and picks up students at the upper playing field on Ivy Drive. It stops at all regular stops in Orinda including BART and north Orinda. At times other than immediately before or after school students must catch the #106 on Moraga way.

guidelines for driving to and from OIS
  • We strongly recommend that you make every effort to drop/off and pick up your student(s) on campus in the front of OIS entrance/traffic circle.
  • If you must pick up your student(s) off campus, PLEASE have your student(s) wait on the school side of Ivy Drive between Risa and Coral; or pick up your student(s) at the OIS lower field exit. This allows traffic to flow in and out of the OIS entrance/traffic circle and will help minimize congestion.
  • Please DO NOT drop-off/pick up your student(s) across from the upper OIS field bus turnout area. This will reduce traffic congestion, improve visibility, and increase safety for all.
  • Please DO NOT load/unload students in the middle of the street.
  • Please DO NOT park or wait on Ivy Drive near the school's entrance to OIS. This will cause delays to cars entering or leaving the traffic circle.
  • Please DO NOT have students wait for you on private property.
  • Please DO NOT block mailboxes or driveways on Ivy Drive or adjacent streets. Please be a good neighbor and community member.
  • Please plan your schedule so that you pick up and/or drop off your student(s) before or after the peak arrival and departure times, such as before 8:30am and after 3:45pm.