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preorder lunches with boonli



Pre-Order Lunches

Bulldog KennelThe Kennel will remain closed during distance-learning. Stay tuned for more information when we transition back to on-campus learning. Thank you!

The pre-order lunch program is a convenient way to ensure that your student receives a complete lunch on a specific day of the week. Pre-orders lunches are distributed at grade-specific windows in The Kennel (6th, 7th, 8th grade windows). Pre-orders are placed through the Boonli Ordering System.  All meals are prepared on-site at OIS by Chef Jonathon (except pizza). Orders or changes for the upcoming week must be made by the prior Friday.

You may pre-order 5 days/week or just select days (Mondays, Wednesdays, etc). 

On the Boonli site, please select one of the entrees for each day. Students receive a drink (regular or chocolate milk or apple juice) and fresh fruit with the entree. They may change their entree selection the week prior to service. Most meals are $7, unless otherwise noted ($4 Mondays and some special $10 meals).

If you choose not to pre-order lunches, meals are still available 'a la carte' for purchase every day with your MealTime account or cash. 

OIS lunch schedule
OIS lunch schedule aug 14-16
ois lunch schedule august 19-23
ois lunch schedule august 26-30
ois lunch schedule september 3-6
ois lunch schedule september 9-13
ois lunch schedule september 16-20
ois lunch schedule september 23-27
ois lunch schedule september 30-October 4
ois lunch schedule october 7-11
ois lunch schedule october 15-18
ois lunch schedule october 21-25