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MealTime POS System

Bulldog KennelThe MealTime Point of Sale (POS) System can be used for purchases in the Kennel Store (brunch snacks, drinks and ala carte lunch meals. For pre-ordered lunch meals, please click on the Pre-Order Lunch link on the left and order through Boonli). The MealTime System is installed in thousands of schools across the country and allows:

  • Parents to make online prepaid deposits into their student's MealTime Account.
  • Students to make Daily Menu purchases at the Kennel simply by entering their student ID number on a numeric keypad.
  • Kennel volunteers to record student food selections on a POS terminal at each window. The charge is automatically deducted from the student's account.
  • Parents to view their transaction history online - payments, current balance and student purchases.
  • Kennel management to monitor sales and inventory for effective menu planning.
MealTime is used for purchasing Daily Menu items only. Please click MealTime System to learn more about it.

Set Up Account and Make Deposits

Prior to your child purchasing food through MealTime, you must first access MyMealTime and follow the online instructions for setting up an account and adding money.
  • Enter a user name which should be the parent’s name.
  • Click on Add Student where you select the state, then double click on OrindaSD- OIS. Choose Orinda Intermediate.
  • Enter your child’s first name and student ID number. Be sure to enter their name as they are registered at school. This system will not accept a nickname or shortened name. If you have more than one child attending OIS, you need to create a separate account for each child.
  • Enter a deposit. Please note the minimum deposit is $25. A 4.9% service charge will be added to the deposit.
  • Allow 1 - 2 days for your deposit to transfer to OIS and be available for use. Check the status of your deposit by signing on the MealTime Online website. When your deposit shows up as a "balance" your child can use the system.
Once the account is activated, students will be able to make purchases at the Kennel windows and parents will be able to view those purchases online. You will receive an email notifying you when the account balance drops below $10. To set up your child’s pre-paid debit account and/or deposit funds, click


Why is the service fee on deposits 4.9%?

There is always a fee for credit card processing. This rate is non-negotiable and covers MealTime's costs. This fee only applies to MealTime deposits which will be used for Daily Menu purchases. This fee does not apply to pre-order lunch purchases.

Why doesn't the system accept my child's name?

This system will not accept a nickname or shortened name.

Be sure to enter you enter your child’s name as they are registered at school.

What happens to my remaining balance at the end of the school year?

6th and 7th graders' balances will automatically roll over to be used during the next year.

8th graders' balances have 3 options for balances over $10:

  • Donate the balance to the OIS Parents' Club
  • Transfer the balance to a younger sibling
  • Request a refund check.

The deadline for a transfer or refund request is June 15th. All other outstanding balances, including balances under $10, will be automatically donated to OISPC on June 15th.

What happens if my child's account runs out of money?
The system will automatically generate an email informing you it's time to make a deposit when your account balance drops below $10.

How do I see what food items my child is ordering?
You can view online the purchases your child has made. Go to MyMealTime, and sign in. The next page that appears lists "Students in Household". Click on "View Details" and scroll down to "MealTime Cafeteria Transactions" where their purchases are displayed.

What happens if someone uses my child's student ID, intentionally or accidentally, and their charges appear on my account?
The student's name and picture appears on the terminal when he or she enters his or her student ID number. Kennel volunteers are trained to double check that the student matches the entered account number before entering the order.
Please call MealTime at 800-755-0904 with any unanswered questions.