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About the Bulldog Kennel

The Kennel will remain closed during distance-learning, but we are offering meals and pantry items for delivery or pickup with our partner Fourth Bore.

We are SUPER EXCITED to share our latest service: a LUNCH and DINNER service for the fall. This service is open to ALL in our community, but we've put extra special thought into helping our school families manage their lives during this period of distance learning.

Here are highlights:

  • LUNCH will be available Monday through Friday, with delivery or pickup twice a week. On Mondays, pickup/delivery will be from 9A to noon and on Wednesday it will be from 4-6PM. So, to order lunch for every day of the week you'd pick 3 meals for Monday service and 2 meals for Wednesday service.
    • You can order for multiple people! Just add items to the cart and adjust the quantities in the shopping cart. Order for the whole family so you don't have to worry about lunch for any of the kiddos.
  • DINNER will also be available for Monday AND Wednesday service. We have both 'take and bake' trays with main dishes and sides as well as fully cooked meals. And, some delicious dessert options, too!
    • The butcher and fresh fish service is not being offered on 8/12 but it will be back the week after! Stay tuned!
  • Delivery has been reduced to $8 to make lunch delivery more affordable for working families. But, we have a limited number of drivers available so delivery service will be first come, first served until we hit capacity.
    • Order as much or as little as you'd like! No minimums!

Can you picture it? You're working, you're on a call and your kids are hungry. And then, lunch shows up at your door! You can order in advance so you don't have to think about what the kids will eat next week. It'll be done! Dinner, too!! We think you'll love the menu. We even have LOBSTER back again!

We want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the families who supported our spring and summer programs. It was a huge help to the school and our community! Remember, a portion of all proceeds go to Orinda Intermediate School and we desperately need the money so we REALLY appreciate your support!

A few other administrative items:

  • For those of you who have credits from prior lunch orders we are working to make those credits available to you. Stay tuned for more communication on this soon.
  • If you know anyone who would benefit from use of the service please send them our way!

Any questions or suggestions: email us at We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy and THANK YOU!

OIS Kennel

on-site brunch and lunch service

The Kennel is the food hub of OIS; it's the kitchen, a store (BowWowChow) where students may purchase brunch and lunch items and the place where students receive pre-ordered lunch meals.

Your child may pre-order lunch with the Boonli Ordering System and pick it up at grade-specific windows (6-7-8). With the pre-order system, students may choose different items each day and make changes throughout the session. 

'A la carte' lunch meals, vegetarian lunches, and other items may be purchased in the BowWowChow Store (drinks, yogurt, salads, chips, cookies, hummus, bagels, apples and bananas, etc.)

Please make deposits to MealTime for all purchases in the 'The Store.'

Pre-order lunches are purchased and ordered through Boonli

We've partnered with Fourth Bore to make delicious brunch and lunch items here at OIS. Our fresh and healthy meals are prepared on-site and delivered to students with the help of many parent volunteers. Thank you!