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What We Do

ONE-OIS  is proud to sponsor many of the important people, programs and projects that are vital to the operation of our school. Thanks to the generosity of our parent community, and to help make OIS a better place, we are budgeted to give close to $XXXXX in funding for the 2020/2021 school year.

In addition to our financial support, OIS parents provide thousands of volunteer hours to support and manage many of these programs. Our efforts truly do improve the middle school experience for all OIS students and parents.

We sponsor people (staff), programs and projects/materials:

PEOPLE: Librarian, Computer Teacher, 1 of 2 Counselors, WEB Advisors (Where Everybody Belongs), Teacher Stipends for Lunchtime Clubs and Sports

PROGRAMS: Bulldog Kennel, Bulldog Theater, Others First, Diverse Abilities Awareness, Emergency Response Preparedness, Cal Shakes, WEB Day, Character Education, Helping Hands, Staff Development & Training


Computer Graphics
Computer Programming
Debate/Public Speaking
Industrial Tech (woodshop)
Foreign Languages
KOIS/Video Production
Maker's Space
Web Design
PROJECTS/MATERIALS: All Technology/Computers/Software, Bulldog Gear, Bulldog News, Bulldog Store, Instructional Books and Supplies, 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony and Party, Staff Appreciation