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Orinda Intermediate School

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Orinda Intermediate School

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The OIS Core Department focuses on English Language Arts CA Common Core Standards and History/Social Sciences CA Framework.  All students will learn to think critically and analyze written and visual texts in order to deepen their understanding of the content. Students will learn to communicate effectively through written and verbal modalities. Through the use of primary sources and diverse texts, students will strenghthen their understanding of multiple perspectives to better understand the world they live in. 
  • 6th Grade CORE consists of 3 non-consecutive periods in a student's schedule
  • 7th and 8th Grade CORE consists of 2 consecutive period in a student's schedule
Meet the CORE Teachers

Meet the CORE Teachers

6th Grade CORE

Andrew Garcia
(925) 258-6290

Kendra Hoffman
(925) 258-6252

Katherine Palmer-Collins
(925) 258-6289

Michelle Pinney
(925) 258-6271

Katherine Schaeffer
(925) 258-6243

Alison Waterman
(925) 258-6268


7th Grade CORE

Suzy Kisch
(925) 258-6288
Jennifer Morgan
(925) 258-6248

Eric Page
(925) 258-6254

Abdul Bassa
(925) 258-6245

8th Grade CORE

Wesley Gosnell
(925) 258-6257
Lori Hardy
(925) 258-6260

Michelle Meyers
(925) 258-6251
Kyle Quesnoy