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Independent Activities

  • Independent Activity volunteer hours may be counted towards the Others First program.
  • Hours logged on or after April 1st and in the summer will be counted with next school year's first quarter hours.
  • As a courtesy to students and their families, listed below are activities that students and their families may wish to participate in. Because these activities are not organized by the OIS Parents Club, OUSD assumes no liability, and therefore, parent permission slips are not required.
  • Students who wish to participate in Independent Activities should coordinate directly with the contact person listed to arrange specifics. For optimum enjoyment and safety, we strongly recommend students participate in these activities with their parent(s) or guardian(s).
  • Volunteers are expected to comply with COVID safety guidelines established by the organization, the local health department and/or the California Department of Health.
  • To receive credit, fill out the  Independent Activity Form , have it signed by a representative at   the independent community service agency when you volunteer. Please scan your signed forms and email to, with "Independent Activity Hours for Student Name (Grade Level)" in the email subject field. Alternatively, you may turn it into the Others First box in the counseling office at OIS.
  • To receive credit for Independent Activities not listed here, students must obtain prior authorization from the Others First Program Director.
  • To qualify, these activities must directly serve others, be charitable, altruistic and/or humanitarian, non-partisan and secular in nature.  Activities performed on campus or at other OUSD schools can qualify.  Service hours accomplished through other organizations such as Boy or Girl Scouts, NCL, Boys Team Charity or religious organizations are limited to 10 hours of Others First credit.  The Independent Activities Coordinator and/or Program Director has final authority as to what activities qualify for hours.
Aegis of Moraga
Aegis Senior Living of Moraga is currently looking for several long term volunteers to work with their seniors.
  • Game Volunteer: Aegis would like a youth 4-5pm Monday and Friday to play simple interactive games with their Life's Neighborhood (Alzheimer's patients).
  • Movie Maven: A volunteer is needed to create flyers for Movie Night and write a short synopsis of the movie. About 1 1/2 hours per week.
  • Trivia Leader: Volunteer is needed to interact with the seniors as they work through trivia questions which have been previously prepared for them. Sundays 11-12noon.
(Go to the Aegis Living website. All volunteers will be trained. For more info regarding Aegis, see location, then CA, then Moraga). For additional questions or to sign up, call Carrie Beidelman at 925-377-7900.

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available to match your skills, interests, and available time, including those with no commitment or training necessary. There are programs for individuals and for groups. Whether you're interested in Habitat Restoration, Landscaping & Gardening, Native Plant Nurseries, Trail Maintenance, Wildlife Monitoring, Visitor Centers, or Historic Landmarks, we have a position for you. Join us for a fun and rewarding experience in the Parks! For more information on our volunteer programs, contact Denise Shea at 415-561-3013. Or check out the Parks Conservancy website.

Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation

Plant acorns at North Lime Ridge. The poor success rate of new oaks is a serious problem throughout California's millions of acres of oak woodlands. We are trying to increase the number of seedlings, saplings and young oak trees that survive in Walnut Creek's open spaces. Another opportunity is to Plant native plants at HeatherFarmsParkas part of the Heather Farms Nature Area Restoration Project. See the Walnut Creek Open Space Foundation website for dates and details of both activities.

Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano
Inspect, sort and box barrels of canned/packaged food. If you have 3 hours to spare, call Sharon Zeppegno at 925-676-7543 ext. 209 to sign up. Weekday, afternoons or Saturdays. The Food Bank is located at 4010 Nelson Avenue in Concord.


Xenophon Therapeutic Riding Center

We provide therapeutic horseback riding in a safe and secure environment. We offer life-changing experiences for children with a wide range of disabilities. Volunteers must be 14 years old and require training. Most of our volunteers help out with lessons, groom the horses and tack them up. Typically, as an instructor teaches the lesson, one volunteer may lead the horse, while one or two volunteers walk along side. At the end of the session, volunteers put the horses away. For more information, visit Xenophon Therapeutic Riding Center.

Orinda Association Volunteering Opportunities

For more ideas see the Orinda Association website

VolunteerMatch San Francisco Bay Area

For even more ideas see the VolunteerMatch website